Outlook for U.S. Economic and Financial-Market Activity Continues to Darken

That Former Malarial Swamp on the Potomac Offers a Tax Bill
Penalizing U.S. Tax Payers with the First Formal Use of the Chained-CPI-U

Unwinding Hurricane Impact Softened October CPI Inflation

October CPI-U Monthly Inflation Slowed to 0.11% (Was 0.55%)
Pulling Annual CPI-U Inflation Lower to 2.04% (Was 2.23%), with
CPI-W at 2.05% (Was 2.31%) and ShadowStats at 9.8% (Was 10.0%)

A Nonsense October PPI Surge Was Due to Collapsing Gasoline Prices

October 2017 Final-Demand PPI Inflation Monthly Gain of 0.44%
Pulled Annual Gain to a 69-Month High of 2.79%, from 2.62% in September 2017

Unrevised Real Average Weekly Earnings Declined Minimally in Third-Quarter, on
Early Track for a Meaningful Fourth-Quarter 2017 Contraction

Storm Impact Still Boosted October Retail Sales, While
Long-Range, Non-Recovering and Downtrending Economic Trends Remained in Play


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