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Gillespie Research Archives

Gillespie Research Archives
• Archived Gillespie Research Material    Doug Gillespie's research material as it appeared on the Gillespie Research website is archived here within Although Doug's unique, personal insights cannot be replaced, he and John Williams had for many years been coming up with very similar views on the markets and economy, and Shadow Government Statistics is being expanded to include some of the material that Doug Gillespie covered in his missives - in particular the Flow of Funds analysis.   

Douglas R. Gillespie, Sr (1945-2006)More.. 
• Announcement    It is with deep sorrow that we advise you of the death of Doug Gillespie, founder and principal of Gillespie Research Associates. Doug died suddenly, yesterday morning, leaving his widow Patricia and children Blythe and Douglas Jr. Further communication will follow in the week ahead. Any communications for the family can be sent through Gillespie Research Associates  More..
• A Personal Message    A personal message from Doug Gillespie's son, Doug Gillespie Jr.   More..

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