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OPEN Commentaries from December 2011

No. 410: Special Commentary, GAAP-Based 2011 U.S. Financial Data  December, 28th, 2011
• Actual 2011 Federal Deficit Topped $5.0 Trillion
• U.S. Government Debt and Obligations Top $80 Trillion
• Long-Term U.S. Insolvency/Hyperinflation Remain Virtual Certainty
No. 409: Revised GDP, November Durable Goods, New Home Sales  December, 23rd, 2011
• GDI Indicates No U.S. Economic Growth in Either Second- or Third-Quarter 2011
• Durable Goods Orders and New Home Sales Show Stagnation
• Treasury Releases 2011 GAAP-Based Financial Report on U.S. Government
No. 408: November Housing Starts and Existing Home Sales  December, 21st, 2011
• 3.5 Million Home Sales Just Disappeared
• Housing Starts Still Bottom Bouncing
No. 407: November CPI, PPI, Real Retail Sales Industrial Production  December, 16th, 2011

• Consumer Financial Distress Hampered Retail Sales and Production
• Nonsensical Hype Over Regularly Mis-Adjusted Jobless Claims
• High Oil Prices Still Inflating Broad Economy
• November’s Annual Inflation: 3.4% (CPI-U), 3.8% (CPI-W), 11.0% (SGS)
• Gold Remains the Ultimate Hedge
No. 406: November Retail Sales, Payroll Tax Receipts  December, 13th, 2011
• Faltering Tax Receipts Show Consumer Income Taking A New Hit
• November Retail Sales Change Not Meaningful
No. 405: October Trade Balance  December, 9th, 2011
• October Trade Deficit Suggests Positive Contribution to Fourth-Quarter GDP
• Nonmonetary Gold Trade Patterns Are Not Easily Tied to Gold Price Variations
No. 404: Special Notice  December, 5th, 2011
• Treasury Delays Release of Government’s GAAP-Based Financial Statements Until Christmas Eve
No. 403: Labor Data, Consumer Confidence, M3, Systemic-Solvency and Euro Crises  December, 4th, 2011
• There Is No Sudden Economic Recovery, Just Bad-Quality Numbers and Deteriorating Labor Conditions
• Latest Jobs Level Still Well Below Pre-2007 and Pre-2001 Recession Levels
• November Unemployment: 8.6% (U.3), 15.6% (U.6), 22.6% (SGS)
• Money Supply M3 Annual Growth at 2.7% in November
• Potential Euro Disintegration Is Nothing Like the Looming Dollar Collapse
NOTICE: Commentary No. 403 to be published December 3rd.  December, 2nd, 2011
The Economy Is Not Suddenly Recovering / November M3 up About 2.7%

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