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OPEN Commentaries from June 2012

No. 451: GDP Revision, Unemployment Reporting Inconsistencies  June, 28th, 2012
• Revised First-Quarter GNP Growth Plunged to 0.5% (Previously 1.3%)
• Actual Monthly Change in U.S. Unemployment Rate Masked by Inconsistencies in Reporting
No. 450: Durable Goods Orders, Home Sales, Consumer Confidence  June, 27th, 2012
• Real Durable Goods Orders Topping Out Below Levels Seen in 1999
• Home Sales Keep Bottom-Bouncing Along
No. 449: May Housing Starts  June, 19th, 2012

• Housing Starts Bouncing at Slightly Higher Plateau
No. 448: May Industrial Production  June, 15th, 2012
• Manufacturers Cut Production, Trying to Reduce Excess Inventories Versus Slack Demand
No. 447: May CPI, Real Retail Sales, Real Earnings  June, 14th, 2012

• Softening Inflation Pattern Is About to Reverse
• May Year-to-Year Inflation: 1.7% (CPI-U), 1.6% (CPI-W), 9.3% (SGS)
• Real Retail Sales and Real Earnings Revise Lower
No. 446: May Retail Sales, PPI  June, 13th, 2012
• Revisions Eviscerated Recent Retail Strength
• May Sales Fell 0.8% Against Initial April Reporting
• PPI Decline Reflected Oil Price Drop Compounded by Adverse Seasonal Factors
No. 445: SPECIAL COMMENTARY - Review of Economic, Systemic-Solvency, Inflation, U.S. Dollar and Gold Circumstances  June, 12th, 2012
• Economic and Systemic Crises of 2007/2008 Continue
• Don’t Blame the Economy on Europe
• Global Markets to Turn Against U.S. Dollar
• Hyperinflation Outlook Updated
• Gold Remains the Ultimate Hedge
No. 444: April Trade Balance  June, 11th, 2012
• Trade Data Suggest Negative Contribution to Second-Quarter GDP
No. 443: Employment and Unemployment, Construction, M3, PCE Deflator  June, 1st, 2012
• May Payrolls Up Just 20,000 versus Initial April Estimate
• May Unemployment: 8.2% (U.3), 14.8% (U.6), 22.7% (SGS)
• Annual M3 Money Supply Growth Slowed Further in May
• Construction Spending Stagnation Continued in April
• April PCE Deflator Dropped Below Fed’s Target

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