Key Monthly Economic Numbers Turned Negative Anew in Fourth-Quarter 2020

Narrowing Annual Declines in October and November Payrolls Stalled at 6.0% (-6.0%),
But the Year-to-Year Drop in December 2020 Payrolls Deepened to 6.2% (-6.2%)

An Increasing Number of Unemployed People Were Misclassified as Employed;
Corrected December Unemployment Would Have Jumped, Instead of Holding at 6.7%

December 2020 Real Retail Sales Declined for the Third Straight Month, and
Fourth-Quarter 2020 Activity Relapsed into Quarterly Contraction

December 2020 Cass Freight Index® Jumped Year-to-Year by 6.7%, but
Its Two-Year Change Was Down 1.8% (-1.8%) from December 2018,
Due to FOMC Tightening Contracting Intervening 2019 Activity

Momentum of Fourth-Quarter Data Suggests a First-Quarter 2021 GDP Contraction,
As the Pandemic and Political Tumult Take on Negative New Dimensions

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell: “We Are a Long Way from Full Recovery”

Latest Weekly Money Supply M1 Jumped an Unprecedented 72.3% Year-to-Year

Severe, U.S. Dollar-Debasing Inflationary Pressures from Existing,
Extreme Monetary and Fiscal Policies Are About to Get Much Worse

Risk of Hyperinflationary Economic Collapse Has Accelerated With
Democrats Taking Control of Both the White House and Congress

Holding Physical Precious Metals Remains the Best Hedge
Against Coming Inflation and Market Turmoil

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