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OPEN Commentaries from October 2010

No. 331: Third-Quarter GDP, Quantitative-Easing Games, Homes Sales, New Orders  October, 29th, 2010
• Third-Quarter GDP Growth Statistically Indistinguishable from Zero
• Official Economic Activity Is Virtually Flat Other Than for Inventory Building
• Fed Will Be Forced to Monetize Treasury Debt, Irrespective of Current Jawboning, Games Playing and Hand Wringing
• October Employment Data Likely Will Disappoint Market Expectations
No. 330: September Production and Housing Starts  October, 19th, 2010
• Third-Quarter Production Growth Slowed and Housing Contracted
• Third-Quarter GDP Should Have Slowed, But the Heavily-Politicized and Guesstimated Series Virtually Is Worthless
No. 329: Inflation, Retail Sales, Trade Deficit and Debased Money  October, 15th, 2010
• Dollar Debasement Fears Mount
• September Consumer Inflation: 1.1% (CPI-U), 8.5% (SGS)
• Retail Sales Gain Reflected Seasonal Distortions from Year-Ago Clunkers More Than It Did a Happier Consumer
• August Trade Deficit Took 0.5% from Third-Quarter GDP
No. 328 September Employment and Unemployment,  October, 8th, 2010
• Outright Contraction in September Payrolls Net of Temporary Census Workers
• Current Payroll Level Overstated by Roughly 550,000, Based on Announced Benchmark Revision
• Broad Unemployment Rates Soar
• September Unemployment Rates: U.3 at 9.6%, U.6 at 17.1%, SGS at 22.5%
• M3 Annual Decline Narrows

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