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Search Tips

Try the following formats for your search strings

economic Will search for all articles with the word economic in them.
economic statistics  Will search for articles with either word in them, but preferably both.
 "economic statistics"  This insists that articles mention both words, and together in that phrase within the double quotes.
 economic +statistics  Insists on statistics, preferably with economic in the article also.
 economic -statistics  Looks for articles with economic in them, but rejects any containing statistics.
   Note that for queries without double quotes, the order of the words is unimportant.

Date Ranges:  You can search over all of the entries on, or you can specify a range using the month menus.  If you are searching for commentary on the October 2008 Unemployment Report, you might search for "unemployment" and specify a date range of Nov. 2008 to Jan. 2008.

Content Type:  By default, the search will look at both subscription-only and "open" content.  If you are not a subscriber and wish to focus only on "open" material, you can select this option from the content-type menu.

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